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Tier 1 Manufacturers From
Around the Globe

304 CNC Machines
67 Sheet Metal Machines
134 CNC Machines
44 Sheet Metal Machines
644 CNC Machines
186 Sheet Metal Machines
116 CNC Machines
37 Sheet Metal Machines
274 CNC Machines
107 Sheet Metal Machines
144 CNC Machines
42 Sheet Metal Machines
196 CNC Machines
41 Sheet Metal Machines
El Salvador
67 CNC Machines
21 Sheet Metal Machines
212 CNC Machines
73 Sheet Metal Machines
415 CNC Machines
90 Sheet Metal Machines
South Korea
74 CNC Machines
14 Sheet Metal Machines
102 CNC Machines
30 Sheet Metal Machines

We selectively curate top-tier manufacturers from across the globe, who offer diverse capabilities, certifications, and lead times suitable for businesses of all sizes ranging from startups to large enterprises.

Delivering Manufacturing Excellence

Quality Assurance System

We conduct thorough audits for each prospective supplier who desires to join our network. We have established a rigorous yet expedited protocol for our vetting process to ensure reliable and high-quality production capabilities.

Data & IP Protection

We uphold the highest security standards to safeguard your files and data, and require each supplier who wishes to join our network to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Additionally, to ensure protection of your company's sensitive data, all bids are anonymized.

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Elevate your operations to the digital era, enhance output, streamline operational complexity, and expand your services globally. Join our network of thoroughly vetted suppliers and take the next step towards success.

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  • Expand your workload with an international customer base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it realy free?

Yes. We offer our vetted suppliers a full access to the platform without charging any fees.

How will I get payed and when?

ManuFuture guarantees your payment and transfer funds to your account up to 30 days from project completion. Click here to learn more about how you can increase your revenue.

Can I communicate with the customer? Will I know who it is?

Yes. When you win a bid, you get a full access to customer details and can engage freely via our Q&A and chat features.

Does ManuFuture takes care of shipping & handling for me?

Yes. ManuFuture was designed to take tasks off your plate so you can spend more time focusing on your business. We'll handle all the logistics for you, including international shipping, handling, and customs, as soon as the parts are ready.

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