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Mechanical Supply Chain,

End-to-end platform for custom parts manufacturing.
Global Bidding, Payments, Delivery.

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An Innovative End-to-end Platform for custom projects manufacturing

Save time and money producing your custom projects with ManuFuture.

Producing custom projects is often a lengthy and complex process, with both parties wasting precious resources instead of focusing on their core activities. But we have the solution!

With the most innovative AI Platform by ManuFuture, you can produce your custom projects with decreased expenses and increased productivity.

ManuFuture is
ISO 9001:2015 certified

Our Platform

  • Upload, BOM, Boom!

    Upload your production files and our platform will create the BOM in seconds and manage a competitive bid for you among vetted manufacturers only

  • Get Quotes

    Get fair and transparent prices from our vast
    network of manufacturers, splitting and merging orders automatically to get you the best prices and production times

  • Get Parts

    Select your favorite quote and get the parts
    delivered to you ASAP. We guarantee quality, price, and delivery date.

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The Network

US | China | Turkey | Hungary | Taiwan | Thailand | Mexico | Israel

+1,000 CNC Machine Centers | +300 Sheet Metal Machines

CNC Machining (Milling, Turning, and Hybrid Multi-Tasking)

Sheet Metal (Laser, Punching, Press Break, Inserts, Welding)

Mechanical Assemblies

Supporting all Materials, Coatings, Painting,
Welding, Inserts and Assemblies

Why Us

With our full guarantee, there’s nothing to hold you back from trying ManuFuture. It’s a no brainer.
You can start getting quotes without committing to order, and even after you order - we guarantee everything!

We guarantee

Delivery on time

We guarantee

Quality of parts

We guarantee

The price you approve

Our strict vendor selection and quality processes ensure that you’d get high-quality parts, on time, every time.
We know how important it is for our customers that we maintain the highest standards, so we put our money where our mouth is.
Got your parts late? Not fit to your specifications? We’ve got you covered.

(By the way - we never had to refund any of our customers!
We can actually guarantee that you’d come back for more parts!)

Changing the Game for
On-Demand Manufacturing

You’ve been there before and might think you’ve seen it all. Until you experience ManuFuture. ManuFuture revolutionizes on-demand manufacturing of custom parts using its artificial intelligence technology and scalable marketplace.

Some of the magic we put in your hands:

  • Analyze your designs and drawings in real-time

  • Manage competitive bids to bring you great prices and shorter production times

  • Assign each part to a specialized manufacturer, even if it means splitting the order

  • Get transparent and fair quotes using blind bidding

  • Communicate openly with the selected manufacturer

  • Track the production status at any given moment

  • Get our support and guarantee every step of the way

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